Introducing EctoScan3D

Helping you see the complete picture.

EctoScan3D (E3D) is a revolutionary, non-contact optical scanning technology that combines multispectral photometric and 3D mapping technology to produce qualitative and quantitative measurement and documentation.

E3D enhances physical examinations in the following ways:

• Adds objective measurement and documentation

• Assists in tracking progression or regression

• Helps detect and document conditions present at the point of care

With E3D, there’s finally a way to show clinicians the complete picture like never before by empowering them with greater insight and amplifying their skills with indisputable visualization documentation at the point of care.


What makes E3D possible?

EctoScan3D combines photometric, thermal imaging and 3D mapping technology in one device.

  1. EctoSnap captures multiple distinct images into a single dataset in less than a tenth of a second.
  2. Millions of pixels of data are instantly mapped to a point cloud mesh of the skins contour in 3D.
  3. X, Y, and Z axes are registered for subsequent scan alignments allowing for comparative viewing.
  4. The EctoIQ GUI translates the data for easy manipulation, visualization, and data processing.


Complete Platform


EctolQ Software

The nerve center of the E3D platform, EctolQ enables clinicians to recall, manipulate, measure and derive data from the scans collected.


An innovative, portable patient scanning device.


Our proprietary image and data registration process.


A digital screen for viewing color, contour, and temperature of the patient’s area of interest.


A software functionality for physicians and providers to interact and analyze a specific point of the area of interest.


Our proprietary image registration system with graphs to analyze and track progression or regression over time.



3D Imaging

The only portable, 3D non-contact optical scanning solution measuring temperature, color and contour at the point-of-care.

Actionable, Time-Lapse Data

Reproducible data on the patient’s area of interest, at the point of care and documented for easy comparison between examinations.

Mitigated Risk & Reduced Liability

Reproducible 3D images and complete information from a non-contact, sterile procedure reduces risk of litigation and provides a better quality of care.

Integrated Platform

The portable, easy-to-use EctoScanner™  captures a patient scan then instantly uploads the image and data to our secure platform for easy documentation during the course of treatment.

Cost-Effective Innovation

EctoScan3D is the next advancement in patient care, competitively priced and designed to deliver long-term return on investment and cost savings across several applications.

Applicable in Multiple Areas

The EctoScan3D data imaging platform can provide valuable information for medical and training professionals in a variety of fields including wound care, DFU, ADT, and long-term care.

Cloud Backup & Data Security

The EctoScan3D data infrastructure instantly stores and protects all client information, physician’s notes, and images to ensure security compliance with all HITECH and HIPAA standards.

Intuitive User Interface

The EctoScan3D interface is designed specifically for medical and training professionals. Our EctoPoint UX enables physicians and nurses to interact with images, focus on and compare specific data points, and take notes on their observations.


Our technology in your hands.

The EctoScan3D optical scanning platform can be used in a variety of patient-care applications, providing reproducible 3D images and quantitative data unlike any on the marketplace to help you see the complete picture of your patients’ areas of interest.


Admissions, Discharges & Transfers

Real-time documentation of the area of interest at the point of care with a non-contact examination can mitigate risk and prevent readmission.


Long-Term Care

Non-invasive exams providing comparative data allows you to better care for your long-term patients and improve their quality of life.


Wound Care

A 3D view and reproducible data of high-risk wounds helps you evaluate severity, track progression or regression and make better-informed treatment decisions.


Podiatry & Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Objectively measure and track your patients' high-risk pressure ulcers and quantifying circulation and temperature differentials can help reduce extreme interventions.


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